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Welcome to Dauntless Aviation! Safelog - The World's Most Trusted Pilot Logbook System Ace your FAA written test! Be confident and ready for your Checkride Oral Exam! SimPlates 70,000+ IFR Approach Plates JAA ATPL Theory Exam Prep
Prepare for your Transport Canada Private Pilot, Recreational Pilot, PSTAR, and Instrument Rating (INRAT) exams. A range of items both for people who want to convert from Canada to FAA and FAA to Canada. For PC, iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™.

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Safelog is trusted by pilots worldwide!

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Sep 19 - 97% on the Private Pilot Written. Awesome!
Thanks for the great software. I passed my FAA written this week with a 97% and felt well-prepared. The way the questions are explained throughout the test prep software is invaluable. I will definitely use this software when I go after my Instrument/Commercial or IA for my A&P.
Lancaster, CA
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Sep 15 - GroundSchool Mechanic Success!
Have recently purchased the audio study system for [A&P] powerplant and have enjoyed it greatly. I wish I had purchased the general and airframe as well before I took the tests .... The fact that the program is very versatile where I can adapt it to my own study system is a tremendous benefit that no one should do without, by the way I have other programs but this program is the meat and potatoes by far.
Northwest GA
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Sep 15 - A new private pilot!
I already took my written test in July. Passed it with a 97%, missing only two questions thanks to your software.
SG, Private Pilot
Battle Ground, WA
SG here used our software for both his written test and to prepare for his checkride and passed both with flying colors. You can too!
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Sep 12 - ATP test success!
This is second time I've taken the ATP exam as my 2 years had expired. I had 2 days to refresh the material and I would say that the program is kept very relevant and up to date. As an instructor I will continue to recommend Dauntless_Aviation software. I believe this is the best setup to ensure you actually LEARN relevant material throughout your study, as opposed to simply learning to pass the test.
Longmont, CO
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Sep 10 - GroundSchool takes USAFA Cadets in the wild blue!
US Air Force Academy

I passed the first time with a [great score]! The software was a great tool in studying for the exam with helpful diagrams included in the detailed answer explanations. Not only did the software help me pass the written test, but it helped me actually learn the material as well. Very easy to use and has helped me pass all four of the FAA written exams I have taken. After studying with this software, little study is left to do before the practical tests as well.
US Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO
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Sep 5 - A Kiwi Scores Great on the FAA FOI!
I was really struggling with my study until I bought your software and thanks to you just passed my FOI!
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Sep 5 - 100% on the Fundamentals of Insruction!
100% on my FOI test. All completely down to learning from this software, hardly needed the FAA handbook at all! Absolutely worth the money. Will definitely be using for my ATP exam.
London, UK
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Sep 1 - 40,000th TestPrepStatus result, nice feedback
A bit of a milestone today - a few months ago we unveiled TestPrepStatus.com, a free site that allows students to directly share the results of their FAA written test preparation work with their instructors. The service is completely free and optional. We're happy to report that today we had our 40,000th study session reported into the system, and so we're glad that many of you are finding this utility to be useful.

Today also, we got a nice piece of feedback from SR of Manchester Iowa who aced a few FAA written test with the help of our software and wrote:

Your test prep software is incredible and a must for any student pilot.
Thanks very much, sir, and congratulations!

Aug 30 - FAA Written Test Prep Software Feedback..
Here's a nice bit of unsolicited feedback that we received today from a GroundSchool FAA knowledge / written test prep software user:

Your software is awesome! I studied the questions, took several practice tests (about 10 hours of work), and aced the MCA exam. I walked out of the testing room in 10 minutes and the proctor couldn't believe it - she was really shocked when I scored 100%. I didn't use anything but your software (and a few of its links to FAA publications) to prep for this exam. That was the best money I've spent in a while! I'll be downloading more of your excellent products as I work on getting my tickets. Keep up the great work!

Aug 28 - 97% on the Private Pilot Rotorcraft - Helicopter!
I am pleased to report that I passed my FAA rotorcraft private written with a 97%, thanks to your software. Now, I am getting ready for the private checkride, and will be cruising right through to commercial and CFI with instrument rating.
Private Pilot Helicopter
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