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Dauntless Online Shopping - Two Ways to Buy  Dauntless Online Shopping - Two Ways to Buy Dauntless Software

Great! Thanks for your interest in purchasing our products.

For your convenience, we offer two ways for you to obtain our software and related products. Each way has its advantages, so please check them out before making your choice near the bottom.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, we're standing by to help you via our helpdesk.

CD Purchase
CD Purchase
  • Immediate - in most cases, you get your keycode sent to you via email within moments of your order.
  • A little bit less expensive - no postage fees, for example.
  • All products available - via online keycode purchase while not all are on CD/DVD.
  • Good for the environment.
  • Physical Product - you get an attractive and 'solid' product, as opposed to something 'virtual.' Some people like this.
  • Easier to give as a gift or purchase for resale. Many people find it's easier to give an attractive CD/DVD to somebody than to give them a keycode. So, if you're buying for somebody else, consider getting the a disc. This also applies to schools and similar organizations.
Same for Both
  • Same software � it's the same software via download or via CD/DVD-ROM.
  • Up-to-Date - regardless of whether you download it or get it on CD/DVD, you can always get updated to the latest and greatest version we offer by using the self-update feature via the Internet.
  • Identical Licensing Terms. The licensing terms are essentially identical regardless of whether you purchase a keycode online or a CD/DVD. In brief, both confer strictly single-user, strictly non-transferable licenses to single individuals. CD/DVD products almost all contain activation keycode(s) which must be used to access the software.
  • Free demo available - regardless of whether you are interested in an online keycode purchase or a CD/DVD, you are not only welcome, but strongly encouraged to download a demo of the applicable software from our website and try it on your PC to see if you like it and if it works well for you, technically. Both online keycode purchases and CD/DVD purchases are strictly non-refundible.
How to Purchase

Visit our website and click any of the 'buy now' buttons or links*


Enter the CD/DVD-ROM Online Shop

If you represent an FBO / Flight School / Aviation Retailer and wish to purchase our CD/DVD products in bulk for purposes of resale, please visit our affiliate/reseller pages
* Our website contains many pages and sub-sites with various products on them. On most pages you will find various 'buy now' links and buttons. Most of these lead to online keycode purchase of the software. This means, generally, that you download the demo version of the software from our website, decide you like it and then complete the online purchase process. After this is done, an activation keycode is emailed to you. You then start the software on your PC or device, enter the keycode and your personal information. This information is verified against our servers and the software therefore becomes "unlocked" and you can access it with demo restrictions removed. To purchase a CD or DVD of the product, you pretty much have to quite explicitly click on the CD/DVD shop link at above right and from there it should be quite obvious that you are buying CD/DVDs and/or other physical products that will be sent to you via postal or other delivery services. If you have any concerns as to whether you're buying a CD/DVD or an electronic keycode, first, please read carefully during the checkout, as it really should be pretty obvious (we think). However, if we screwed up and somewhere it's not obvious to you or really, if you have any concerns, ASK FIRST BEFORE PURCHASE as non refundability and non exchangeability terms of license can and will apply. We're more than happy to help you via our helpdesk.

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