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 IFR Flight Planning Form Dauntless Aviation

IFR Kneeboard Form

Keep all your IFR paperwork in one place. Our IFR flight planning / enroute form is ergonomically correct-- laid out cleverly to be usable on a standard kneeboard--and informationally rich--providing a host of important features the others just don't.

We think once you try our Better flight planner, you'll never go back to the standard ones... but don't take our word for it--give it a try yourself. It's FREE. You are welcome to print it out, make copies, and distribute it at your FBO or club. All that we ask is that you distribute it in unmodified form. And if somebody happens to ask you where you got it, we'd be most obliged if you could steer them to our website and our products.

FAA vs ICAO? - Our IFR flight planning form is now available with both traditional FAA and ICAO flight plan filing subforms. As of this writing, pilots in the USA are still welcome to use the old/traditional FAA flight plan form but are increasingly encouraged to use the ICAO form. At some point in the future it is conceivable that the ICAO form will become standard in the USA as well.

 Document  Download
A Better IFR Flight Planning and Enroute form. FAA Version
A Better IFR Flight Planning and Enroute form. ICAO Version
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view
a VFR Flight Planning Form is also available

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